1112 Episode 1 for Mac Review

1112 episode 1

1112 is an episodic point-and-click adventure where you play as Johnny Depp look-a-like, Louis Everett, who is suffering from strange nightmares. Living with his wife in a cottage in Jacksonville, you must solve menial tasks around the house and in the local village to progress through the game. While its repetitive and methodical gameplay may put off some gamers who aren’t such a fan of the genre, if pointing and clicking is your thing, this is an excellent title to pick up (as well as its two sequels), especially as the first one’s currently free on the Mac App Store.

1112 Gameplay

1112 episode 1 is like an episode of Lost (or similar US drama). Nothing much seems to actually happen in it but there’s always some sort of plot twist at the end to make you want to watch more. Episode 1 of 1112’s plotline could easily be summed up in a few sentences. The game is incredibly short and you’re only scratching the surface of the characters in the game before it abruptly ends. It’s hard to even hint at anything story-wise in 1112 without giving away a huge chunk of the game. Despite this, the ending entices you to want to learn more, even if you found the gameplay to be sub-standard at times.

1112 episode 1 is a very hard point-and-click adventure that really puts the expression ‘needle in a haystack’ into perspective. You’re given a million different objects to interact with, a lamp, a window, a desk, a picture etc, and it’s your job to sift through them all until you find something that clicks, and moves the story along. 1112 episode 1 is perfect for hardcore fans of the genre, but if methodically searching for whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish for a long while sounds more like a chore than an experience then definitely pass over the 1112 series.

As a result, 1112 episode 1 is meant to be played without a walkthrough. Using a guide to help you out is just wasting your time and effort because before you know it, it’s over and you may as well not have picked the game up in the first place.

Stylistically, 1112 episode 1 is beautiful. The rough sketches and vibrant animations look really, really good. Although character movement is limited, environments and character drawings are excellent and the user interface is as smooth as butter. It’s obvious that this is Aghartha’s speciality and it represents the game well. On the other hand, the actual script is pretty terrible. The dialogue (through text, not voice acting) is often unprofessional as the social interactions between characters seem off, corny and lack conviction.

Despite having such a smooth UI, 1112 has a hard time explaining it. You are thrown into the game with no indication of what you are meant to do. In some cases this does not matter because 1112 reflects some general gameplay elements found in most games of the same genre. However, some unique design choices such as the player having to click on a highlighted keyword to make it a conversational topic and combining objects are never explained which can catch many people out.

Being free, it’s obvious that the developers are trying to get players to play the first episode  of 1112 to encourage them to play more and buy the next two. I have heard that the climax of the final episode does include a twist that explains some of the game’s mysteries but if you don’t enjoy the gameplay, there really is no point in investing in this series. On the other hand, 1112 episode 1 is free and will probably appeal to anyone interested in the genre. Its stylistic choices and beautiful visuals make this title an intriguing experience that will make you want to delve more into the 1112 world.

Publisher: Aghartha Studio

Price: $6.99

Description: A Challenging Point-And-Click Adventure that Makes You Want More

App Store Link

Rating: 3/5

Pros: Extremely polished and smooth, unique art style, intriguing plot.

Cons: Can get repetitive and frustrating, lack of instructions or help setting, dodgy script.