Rovio Angry Birds Review

Angry Birds Review

Having sold over 10 million copies of its iPhone and iPod Touch iOS version, Angry Birds is ready to make the big time on the Mac.

Angry Birds is about some birds that have had a bit of a tiff with some green pigs. That really is all there is to Angry Birds when it comes to story. But that is what makes it so brilliantly simple. The concept of some birds getting mighty annoyed at a couple of pigs for frying their eggs on a barbecue is pretty genius, and keeps you chuckling to yourself all the way through. Your aim is to kill all of those blasted pigs by firing birds at the weak buildings they cower in. With half the game being about blind luck and the other strategic thinking you also need to make use of each birds special abilities to fell the structures.

Angry Bird Gameplay

But Angry Birds isn’t all about story and gameplay. It looks amazing and the upscale from the small iPhone to the much larger Mac has been done expertly. The game feels like it was made for the computer platform and this includes the controls as well. Rovio have tried hard at making the Angry Birds control scheme work on the Macbook trackpad, and even though they have succeeded, I would still recommend a mouse for more comfortable aiming and firing.

Angry Birds comes with quite a few levels. 195 to be exact. However, these are just rehashes of levels taken from the iOS original, so if you have already played through the game on the iPhone, then I suggest missing out on the Mac version because there isn’t anything that you haven’t seen before. Compared to its high asking price of $5, there is surprisingly little to be had when contrasted with its smaller counterpart. There is a lot that Rovio can do with the Angry Birds brand and I am hoping more updates are on the way that offer unique features to the Mac platform and make better use of its bigger screen and higher processor capability.

If you are looking at the Angry Birds franchise and wondering where on earth the world went wrong, then you are partly right. The graphics are crisp and vibrant, granted, the physics are neat and realistic, sure, but is there really anything that sets this title way away from every other game out there? Not really. I wonder how much Angry Birds’ success rides on just its pure comedic humour rather than its standalone gameplay.

Developer: Rovio

Price: $4.99 (£2.99)

App Store Link

Pros: Great upscale from the iPhone — graphics and controls.

Cons: Offers nothing new, no Mac specific features, pricey at $10 full-price.

Advised Control Method: Mouse (Trackpad bearable)