Angry Birds Star Wars for Mac Review

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars. It just sounds like someone put two of the most well known trademarks in the world and shoved them together. On the face of it, Star Wars and Angry Birds couldn’t be more different. But what Rovio has done is graft their bird brand onto a film franchise in a way that’s natural, funny and incredibly clever.

With Star Wars having a very space-y theme, it’s natural that the new Angry Birds game would incorporate some of the much loved features from Angry Birds Space, and it has. Levels vary, with some having zero-gravity, and planets with their own orbit, and others of the more tradition style set on a stretch of land mass. The variation is welcome, and allows Rovio to create some awesome level designs.

Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay

What makes Angry Birds Star Wars such a success are the subtle changes to the gameplay. The new abilities are extremely satisfying to use. Use the force and blast a wave of blocks into the neighbouring building, all in heavenly slow-motion. Or effortlessly slash your way through a wall of steel with the not-so-useless red bird. Your arsenal no longer seems so pathetic, but instead packed full of powerful potential. Enemy Pigtroopers can be armed with laser guns though, firing deadly bullets every few seconds. But think smartly, tug on a pillar here and shift a block there, you can have him aiming at his own pigs.

When Rovio commit to a theme, they really commit. Angry Birds Star Wars has been totally redesigned, with new music, block types, level designs, sound effects, characters, and abilities, all inspired by Star Wars: A New Hope. The story is told through brief comic book-style slides that certainly don’t do the film justice. Maybe it’s because all of the main characters are now pigs and birds? The levels loosely follows events from the film, with the finale set on Luke’s X-Wing fighting off Vader’s forces.

Some of the additions aren’t so welcome. The start and end of level sound effects get really repetitive after a while, especially after many restarts. There are some instances of accidental launching with the trackpad, and the gold droid levels are underwhelming, despite including an awesome egg-shaped R2-D2.

There are 80 levels in all, which isn’t a lot for an Angry Birds title. There is so much that can be done with the Star Wars theme, covering different level settings and new characters, that it’s inevitable that Rovio will continue to support Star Wars with extra levels packs in the future. In fact, a Hoth set of levels is already in the works, and will arrive as a free update soon.

The delicate question on the tip of everyone’s tongue when a new Angry Birds game comes out is; is it just a re-skin of the age old formula? In Star War’s case, most definitely not. Rovio have taken the Star Wars brand to heart, and have moved the game franchise forward by incorporating well-recognised gameplay with some awesome new tricks

Publisher: Rovio Entertainment Ltd

Price: $4.99/£2.99

Genre: Angry Birds Puzzle, With an Extra Duuun duh duh duuur…

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Rating: 4.5/5

Pros: Takes the best features from previous games, new powerful abilities, more Star-Wars themed gameplay elements.

Cons: 80 levels, some repetitive sound effects.