BATTLE BEARS 1 for Mac Review


BATTLE BEARS – 1 Mac is a survival horror TPS (third-person shooter), a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of the genre that we know through other more serious titles like Dead Space. From its hilarious cut-scenes to ridiculously over-the-top action, BATTLE BEARS -1 Mac is a light-hearted yet challenging title that goes beyond everyone’s expectations.

Welcome to the peaceful world of vibrant colourful bears whose sole purpose in life is to hug you… to death. In BATTLE BEARS -1 Mac you follow 3 main characters (or should I say bears) aboard their Star Trek-like spaceship. When it is overrun by hundreds of huggables you need to get off the ship whilst fending off the loveable bears with whatever weapon you can find. Going from room to room, you need to fight off waves of enemies whilst restocking on ammo and health.


BATTLE BEARS -1 Mac is surprisingly funny and its comedic storyline makes the experience all the more enjoyable. But BATTLE BEARS -1 Mac isn’t just there for a few laughs and nails the survival aspect of the game perfectly. Depending on difficulty set, BATTLE BEARS -1 Mac throws endless waves of unforgiving bears at you to mow down. The game is challenging and manages to contain a frantic fight for survival in-between those comedy gold moments.

Music is executed well and its adrenaline-pumping rock music gets you all the more ready to decapitate pink fluffy bears. Sound effects are minimal, but are more or less drowned out by the music which doesn’t affect the gameplay.

BATTLE BEARS -1 Mac’s graphics aren’t too shoddy either. Ignoring the occasional graphical glitch and the lack of detail in the environment itself, the visuals to BATTLE BEARS -1 Mac represent the crazy action brilliantly. This is shown especially in the zombie levels with dynamic lighting effects and an overall spooky atmosphere that is bound to have you quaking in your boots as you blast away the furry undead. However, the game does stutter a little bit when there are lots of foes on screen.

I was also surprised when I realised the game’s scope. With 3 unique campaigns following 3 bears, each includes a lengthy story mode, crazy boss levels and a survival mode; BATTLE BEARS -1 Mac will last a long time. The game does have potential to become repetitive but it moves on rapidly enough to keep the gamer interested.

BATTLE BEARS -1 Mac pushes everything to the max. The weapons, the music, the enemies. The whole experience is a white-knuckled thrill ride that you will never forget. Put on some expensive headphones, dim the lights, close the curtains and enjoy.

Pros: Brilliant action, pumping music, witty cut-scenes.

Cons: Graphical glitches, rough edges.

Advised Control Method: Mouse (trackpad not recommended)

Developer: SkyVu Pictures

Price: Free

Description: Bear-Mania Third-Person Shooter

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