Burn The Rope for Mac Review

burn the rope

Burn The Rope is a simple, clever and well executed puzzle game with some interesting mechanics and original concept. And it doesn’t make you slave over one puzzle but rather accustoms itself to your gaming habits, lazy or dedicated.

Its title really is its instruction manual as in Burn The Rope you are presented with a grid of ever-hardening levels where the objective is to burn the rope. It’s as simple as that. You need to light the rope and then try and burn as much of it as possible using that one match. But, by the laws of those pesky physics, if you have your fire burning away from the fuel (eg. rope) then the flame is sure to dwindle and thin until it goes out. Therefore you need to retain your heat source by rotating the rope and making sure that it has enough of it to continue to blaze its way forward.

Burn The Rope Gameplay

There are also bugs situated along the ropes which help or hinder your way to victory. If you burn a coloured ant, then that flame turns into that colour meaning you can burn similar coloured ropes with it. Beetles also explode when burnt which decimates everything in its radius. There are many more, but I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Whereas some levels in Burn The Rope require you to think about where you should start your fire to make sure you kill the right ant at the right time etc, others become more of a ‘hope for the best’ sort of affair where the game turns into more of a juggling act as you try and keep as many of your flared rope ends alight as possible. A bit of trial and error is required if you plan on getting all 100% of the rope burnt to ashes.

This is where the game can go two ways. Will you work tirelessly on each level, labouring away at its solution until it appears? Or just light the damn rope wherever seems fit and watch the fireworks display unfold? So Burn The Rope is suitable for everyone. The determined thinker and the casual gamer.

Other than releasing the fire-obsessed arsonist inside you as you watch that irreproachable rope burn at your mercy, Burn The Rope is a fun and simple puzzler that’s either as challenging or forgiving as you would like it to be. One to check out.

Developer: Big Blue Bubble

Price: $0.99 (£0.99)

Description: Rope Burning Puzzler

App Store Link

Rating: 5/5

Pros: Good concept, suitable for everyone, tons of levels.

Cons: Sound effects.

Advised Control Method: All (trackpad friendly)