Cut the Rope Review

Cut the Rope

Even after being released around one and a half years ago, Cut the Rope still holds a top ten spot on the iOS App Store. Thankfully, the game’s Mac port retains the same character and gameplay that roped people in on the iPhone. But the tactile interaction of being able to ‘cut the rope’ with your finger is lost with a mouse or trackpad. This means that while you marvel at the crisp textures and laugh at Om Nom’s facial expressions, that one niggling thought of how much better it would be on a touch device will leave you itching to get off your Mac, and onto your iPad instead.

Almost everything you loved about Cut the Rope is here. The same 250 levels from iOS, with the many different game mechanics in tact. The cardboard box deals with the basics; cut the rope, swing the candy, aim for the adorable green monster with an endless appetite. From there, all boxes from the Magic box, to the Buzz box are included, each adding a new game mechanic to the mix. Such as the Valentine box requires you to join two halves of the circular candy before you can feed it to Om Nom, whilst the Cosmic box allows you to change gravity.

Cut the Rope Gameplay

But as you play further through the game, the system’s limitations become more apparent. Level’s which require quick reactions to activate different objects at once can be a pain for trackpad users. The cutting itself has been managed the best it could, with trackpad gamers being able to move the mouse using one finger and cut the rope using two. But no matter how well managed the control scheme is, you just don’t get the same satisfying control method as you do on a touchscreen.

Whilst the Mac may have its control limitations, it has other advantages. Unfortunately these are generally underused. As all of the levels are designed for an iPhone-sized screen, all objects are limited to a thin bar centred in the middle, with the outer edges never being used. I would love to see some Mac-specific levels in future.

Of course you can’t talk about Cut the Rope without mentioning its gorgeous presentation. If it’s not the rich 2D animations that gets you, it’s the catchy music or the cutesy story. The graphics overall have been expertly upsized, with resolutions appropriate for the bigger screen.

Cut the Rope is a fun distraction with excellent level designs and presentation, but try as they might, ZeptoLab just can’t deliver the same award-winning experience for Mac gamers as they did on iOS.

Publisher: ZeptoLab

Price: $4.99 (£4.99)

Description: Cut the Rope Arrives on Mac

App Store Link

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Excellent port with upscaled visuals, sound and animations, many, many levels.

Cons: Trackpad controls can be a little clunky in some levels, loss of interaction through lack of touchscreen.