DeathSpank for Mac Review


You are the Dispenser of Justice. You are the Vanquisher of Evil. You are the Hero to the Downtrodden. You are DeathSpank! The hit action comedy role-playing adventure from Hothead Games has fought its way onto the Mac App Store!

You guide a wannabe hero named DeathSpank on a journey to capture an object known as “The Artifact”. Through the campaign, you’ll travel through various lands each with a unique set of enemies stretching from demons to evil chickens. Your first encounter is with an ugly Demon Witch and oddly enough she agrees to help you. Whereas this small stage merely acts as a tutorial stage, after completing your assignment, she will magically open a gigantic locked door. Behind the door is a land that is ready to be explored; this is where the real fun begins.

DeathSpank  Gamaplay

Being a action, comedy RPG, the game doesn’t hold back on its laughs with most of them being twisted references of its own genre. The side missions in DeathSpank range from collecting chicken lips to helping a researcher fond more about these ancient ‘mongoliths’ around the area.  This sense of tongue-in-cheek humour is enforced by the excellent voice acting. The hero’s deep Johnny Bravo-esque voice and his funny jokes makes you want to just kick back and listen to him do his hilarious stand up comedy.

Along the way, there will be numerous outhouses that serve as save and respawn points. You will also be able to easily teleport through outhouses making it an ease to get to a certain place needed to continue the story. Deaths in the game are mere hinderances and with these save stations everywhere, you’re never far from where you want to be. Frequent weapon drops keeps the game alive and fresh throughout, making it fun to bash foes in an attempt to see which one fits your liking. Weapons vary from devastating electric hammers to the not-so-inspiring poop hammer, used to do absolutely no damage to the villain except to literally “hammer the poop out of them” (a very useful tool in one particular quest). Sure, some of the items are meant for enjoyment purposes only, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get a chuckle out of them (I know I did). The further you progress into the game the harder the enemies get which prevents you from just skipping ahead without a suitable weapon set.

If there is one simple reason to buy DeathSpank and not look back is the art. I have never experienced a video game in my life with the style that Hothead Game uses in DeathSpank. On top of its originality, it sometimes makes you stop and stare at the screen as if it were a painting. Every land and area appeals in different ways wether it be beautifully sculptured houses or a fiery red extravaganza of flame in the heart of a volcano. DeathSpank’s detail drills right down to the icon and never fails to impress.

There shouldn’t be anything stopping the avid Mac gamer from rushing over to the Mac App Store and murdering that buy button for one of the funniest and entertaining RPGs out there. Every detail in DeathSpank is beautifully crafted and the gameplay remains fresh all the way through. DeathSpank will especially appeal to an RPG and Adventure game fan but even then, it’s an adventure suitable for all eager gamers. And for that, DeathSpank gets the marvellous score of four whole clicks!

Developer: Hothead Games

Price: $3.99 (£3.99)

Description: A Hilarious Take on the RPG/Adventure Formula

App Store Link

Rating: 5/5

Pros: Beautiful art, gameplay remains fresh, great voice acting.

Cons: Terribly addictive.

Advised Control Method: Mouse Recommended