DLC Quest for Mac Review

dlc quest

The first thing you need to know about DLC Quest is that this is not your every-day 2d platformer. This very short, very easy, unimpressive game is the developers views on the games industry. Confused? I’m not surprised, I’ll elaborate further.

If you aren’t an avid gamer you might not be aware of the issue in the gaming industry that this game exaggerates and brings some attention to. One of gaming’s most controversial topics is DLC. Some developers load content onto the game file but lock it to the user, only to later on sell the key online for a price. That very basic description of the DLC controversy is what DLC Quest is all about.

DLC Quest Gameplay

As the name suggests DLC Quest is al about *DownLoadable Content*. You start off as a basic man, so simple and basic in fact, he can only walk to the right. Well that is until you buy the DLC that enables jumping and backwards motion. Soon after you find a sword, only you need to sharpen it before use and it will take ten thousand clicks of your mouse to fully sharpen it. No fear, there is some DLC that reduces that to 10 clicks! Of course, all of this DLC is of no real cost to the player after the initial asking price and is bought through in-game coins you collect around the level.

This is essentially the entire game. It seems a rather dangerous and flimsy premise at first glance. The level (yes, there is one level in the entire game) has been built in such a way that when you come to find something is out of reach, or impossible to overcome, you need DLC to help you. There is nothing on the level that requires DLC yet can be surpassed with patience or luck. Whilst this over reliance on DLC is the but of the joke, it means the game practically requires no skill to complete. Nor can you step away from the beaten track as you are only allowed to unlock DLC in a certain order to continue through the game.

Now we have the premise out of the way I really want to emphasise the hilarity of this game. The fact that DLC is required to do the most basic of tasks is funny at first, but soon on it’s sure it looses its humour and just becomes part of the game, like wielding a gun in an FPS is not as exciting 10 minutes in. But the character lines and DLC descriptions should get you every time. They are purposely exaggerated and they transparently describe the intent of the DLC or the reason for a character. Although granted, some of this game’s humour might be lost on the less well versed gamers out there.

DLC Quest is really just an exaggerated and condensed form of one of gaming’s more controversial topics, in the shape of a platformer. So I don’t think it is out of the question to suggest that you would only really appreciate the humour that was intended if you are a seasoned gamer. If you are not, I would avoid this game as it is devoid of anything interesting or exciting enough to actually capture the interest of someone who doesn’t understand the humour.

Publisher: Ben Kane

Price: $1.99/£1.99

Description: When DLC Goes Too Far

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Pros: DLC Quest is a funny game. That’s all it has going for it sadly.

Cons: It’s a funny spoof on the DLC of today, but as a game it’s too short, too basic and too easy.