Doodle Fit for Mac Review

doodle fit for mac

Doodle Fit is a great little puzzle game with a unique concept and good execution. However, whilst its touch/mobile origins makes it good in short bursts, it won’t occupy you for long which can lead to the whole experience being a little difficult to swallow.

The gameplay is simple; you choose 1 of 13 level packs and begin your trek up the 19-32 levels within. In each level you’re presented with the outline of a particular shape from which you must fill a select number of provided blocks. The second game mode, Challenge, is essentially the same but you are given relatively simple puzzles which you must complete in a tight time limit. A mouse is recommended for this one.

Doodle Fit Gameplay

This core game mechanic, whilst being a whizz to pick-up-and-play in an instant, starts to repeat itself quickly. The 341 levels offered is a lot by anyone’s books, but the game’s literal and figurative one dimensional feel causes it to become quite tedious in extended periods.

Additionally, whereas the levels themselves clearly attempt to ramp up the difficulty as you progress, measuring difficulty in Doodle Fit is nigh on impossible. It simply takes luck. You will find yourself majestically gliding through some levels with minimal effort, where as others will leave you glaring with half open eyes at a screen you quickly come to resent. The sway between these two extremes depends on where you happen to place your first few blocks.

Luckily a limited amount of hints are available at your disposable if you find yourself in the position of confusion. But as the roots of the game trace back to mobile devices, in-app purchases are to be expected. You can buy either an unlimited amount of hints or a new batch with real world money if you run out.

The game’s presentation and sound design is suitable for a simple puzzle game, complete with minimalistic yet catchy music and simple sound effects. You are able to unlock new graphical themes (such as blackboard and woodland) which keeps the game looking fresh, and acts as an incentive to continue playing.

Doodle Fit is quite a good game all things considered. However actually enjoying a prolonged play session on a computer is unlikely making Doodle Fit a game that is more at home on a mobile platform.

Publisher: Gamelion Studios

Price: $2.99 (£2.99)

Description: A Simple Block-Fitting Puzzle Game

App Store Link

Rating: 3.5/5

Pros: Fantastically styled, great sound track.

Cons: Lost possibilities of porting to Mac resulting in a small, limited App port, wonky difficulty curve.