Finger Gravity for Mac Review

Finger Gravity

Finger Gravity is all about precision. You will have to carefully navigate a mine field, time your movements to dodge a deadly laser and avoid a patrolling robot. The catch is that you’re given a completely un-precise control scheme. This adds to the challenge, and makes Finger Gravity a unique geometric object avoidance game. But blaming every death purely on the purposefully uncooperative controls blurs the lines between fun and frustration.

Finger Gravity Gameplay

Finger Gravity is all about manipulating a ship by clicking and holding somewhere on each level to create a rubber band-like connection with your vehicle and pulls it towards the source. You must use the laws of momentum to control the ship through complex mazes and deadly traps.

Finger Gravity’s levels consist of walls (which damage your ship), wormholes, lasers, mines, bumpers and other gravity sources. It’s alright on the first half of the game, but as the level counter rises, so does the difficulty – with the controls doing the most to add to this difficulty. Without the novel control mechanism, Finger Gravity would be pretty easy. On the same note, feeling held back by the troublesome navigation is a little annoying at times, especially if you are using a trackpad.

The game’s neon geometric graphics are reminiscent of something like Geometry Wars and perform well. The electric sparks that reflect off your ship if you hit a laser look great, and the techno beats fit well with the game’s style.

Despite its flaws, Finger Gravity is still a fun little game. There aren’t a lot of levels, but the endless minigames add to the longevity. It’s certainly nothing revolutionary, but a game that’ll entertain you for the cheap price.

Publisher: Wode Mobile

Price: $0.99/£0.99

Description: Zero-G Object Avoidance

App Store Link

Rating: 3/5

Pros: Challenging, graphics that perform well, atmospheric music.

Cons: Blaming everything on the controls can get annoying, forgettable.