Frederic – Resurrection of Music for Mac Review

frederic resurrection of music

Frederic: Resurrection of Music is a peculiar tale of musical dominance about a legendary 19th Century composer and musician, Frederic Chopin, who is resurrected from the dead to challenge the evil record labels who are ruining today’s music. As you make your way from one musician to another, you will have to battle it out by performing better than the opponent in a music duel. Whilst the running story is a little out of left field, the Guitar Hero-inspired gameplay provides a frantic yet satisfying experience, especially when you get that riff just right.

Resurrection of Music Gameplay

Each musical duel in Frederic: Resurrection of Music consist of a 7-key piano, including white and black keys. Each key corresponds to a letter on the keyboard. As notes rush down the screen, you’ve got to hit the corresponding keys at the right time. Using a keyboard, the gameplay is meant to feel like playing a real piano, however, you’d have to be Frederic Chopin himself to keep up with the incredibly fast riffs and notes. After failing, and failing hard at playing the game with the keyboard, I resorted to the much more accommodating mouse. Don’t try this game with a trackpad, but a good wired mouse allows you to quickly zoom from one note to the other, without getting your fingers in a twist.

Nonetheless, Frederic would feel much better on an iPad (from which it originated) purely because you just have to touch each note as it flies past, rather than moving the mouse to the correct position.

That being said, Frederic: Resurrection of Music’s story is very well presented, with colourful, lengthy animations between each of the 9 levels included. Whilst some of the scenes can seem almost too off-topic, such as when you get high with a Rastafarian on a Caribbean beach, or when a seemingly innocent Tokyo boy transforms into a ‘Demon of Music Samples’, wanting to destroy your grand piano. But the animations are well presented, and of course, the atmospheric music is encapsulating.

Unfortunately, Frederic: Resurrection of Music is limited to 9 songs, and the different difficulty levels only make it harder to gain points, rather than introducing trickier riffs. Each song is a modern adaptation to one of Chopin’s creations, which will please Frederic Chopin fans, as well as accommodating more modern gamers. Learning the songs to perfection is the main draw to come back to Frederic, but if you lack the dedication to replay songs over and over, then you won’t get as much out of this game than if you do.

It is obvious that Forever Entertainment are passionate about music, and this passion couldn’t be shown more than in Frederic’s gameplay and story. It’s a polished and beautifully sounding game, and does the 19th Century composer justice. The gameplay may be better enjoyed on a touch device, but it is still worth a purchase.

Publisher: Forever Entertainment S.A

Price: $3.99 (£2.39)

Description: Guitar Hero with a Classical Twist

App Store Link

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Great music, frantic gameplay, good animations and story.

Cons: Better on an iPad, keyboard control not recommended, story can be a bit too arbitrary.