Frozzd for Mac Review

frozzd review

Frozzd tries to be upbeat, funny and enjoyable but the game is just to basic for anyone to truly get into. The graphics are cute and the concept is a promising start, but it doesn’t offer enough to be a fun game.

Frozzd’s mechanics are similar to the iPhone platformer, Soozis, if anyone has heard of it. You are an astronaut who has been assigned a mission to save all of the Mumblies which have been frozen on other neighbouring ice planets. Each planet is made up of smaller floating platforms and you need to jump from one to the other and save Mumblies. When you jump towards another planet, you are sucked onto it by gravity.

Frozzd Gameplay

But the Mumblies are being defended by these evil ice creatures and the only way to fight them off is using saved Mumblies as weapons. If you are ambushed by too many enemies and too little saved Mumblies to defend you, they will all be re-frozen and you will lose. From that aspect, a little strategy comes into play. You need to save Mumblies not being defended by enemies first to then build up a Mumbly army to fight off the larger swarms. You also need to keep an eye on the temperature of the the astonaut. Don’t get too cold or you will freeze to death but steaming cups of warm beverage litter the ice planets to warm you up.

Frozzd’s gameplay is fun at first, but does nothing to improve upon it at all throughout the game. The enemies change a bit but that’s about it when it comes to variation. Plus the game just doesn’t feel that fun. Jumping from floating island to floating island, saving random yellow fuzzy things and then returning them home. There doesn’t seem to be an end goal, feasible plot line or character progression.

The game has some control issues as well. Moving from planet to planet can be very cumbersome, and navigating seems more of a chore.

Frozzd is certainly not a bad game technically. The graphics are reasonable and the sound fares well. It’s great seeing all of your saved Mumblies attacking a swarm of enemies. But in the end it just isn’t fun, whether it be because of lack of varied content or dull gameplay. Avoid for now.

Developer: Vetra Games

Price: $0.99

Description: A Disorientated Platformer

App Store Link

Rating: 2/5

Pros: Passable graphics, some good concepts.

Cons: Bland, repetitive gameplay, clumsy controls, you can get lost.

Advised Control Method: All (keyboard control)