Hockey Fight Pro for Mac Review

hockey fight pro

The commentator announces the fight and instantly both Hockey players enter the icy arena. They both menacingly throw their gloves to the cold, hard ground as they prepare for combat. The crowd are hotting up for the fight, urging on the participants. The tension is almost palpable as they move in to attack. Let’s just say it goes very downhill from there.

Hockey Fight Pro Gameplay

Hockey Fight Pro is an arena-style combat game but instead of wrestling in the boxing ring, you’re on the ice wearing hockey gear. I actually like the idea behind this title as it provides some variation to the repetitive environment found in most wrestling/fighting games. However, what was a promising concept becomes the worst combat game I have ever played, purely because the developer failed to experiment and be creative.

Where the developers have a great icy arena to take advantage of, they fail to make use of it. Instead when the two players come together, you arex locked into each others arms with barely enough room for a punch here and there. You hardly move from where you start off and with so much space around you it seems a waste. Being able to break away, circle round the arena and plan your attack would be much more fun.

The gameplay right now is terrible. As you stare at each other face to face, you need to press corresponding buttons as to where you want to hit your opponent; in the body or the in head. You can also block oncoming attack to your body and head. Yes that’s it. There are another two moves that you unlock every so often if you fill up your combo bar but even then it’s not original or fun to use at all. The setting almost seems to exit the equation as soon as you start the fight. You may as well be in a prison block or a park, it makes no difference.

Even the combat that is included in Hockey Fight Pro is pretty rubbish. Trying to block is more or less useless as there is so little space between his clenched fist and your head. Reacting to the move is almost impossible. Fighting back is just as bad as all of your moves are pretty much automatically blocked by the computer controlled opponent. Your player just seems to stand there like a lemon taking the hits until he falls. If you want any chance of winning, you may as well hit as many buttons as you can as quickly as you can and hope for the best.

There are tournaments to take part in, but it’s all the same gameplay. You can upgrade your character but this doesn’t even seem to make a difference. I think you get the point, this is a terrible game, and the worst bit is that it could have avoided its fate. I like the idea of setting but its execution is abysmal. Back to the locker room for this one.

Developer: Ratrod Studio Inc.

Price: $1.99 – £1.99

Description: Arena-Style Static Combat Title

App Store Link

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Catchy song, 3D graphics.

Cons: Boring and repetitive, doesn’t make full use of niche.

Advised Control Method: All (keyboard control)