iBomber Defense for Mac Review

iBomber Defense

The beat of the drums, the sounds of feet marching, and the fresh smell of gunpowder. Yes, the hit iPhone and iPod Touch game iBomber Defense has made its way into the Mac App Store, adding to the growing tower defense category. But how does this compare to other games in this genre? You’ll just have to read to find out.

iBomber Defense Gameplay

There should be no surprise here that the gameplay is of an ordinary tower defense game, placing various turrets and rocket launchers to dispose of the incoming enemies. Weapons consist of a machine gun, a cannon (rocket launcher), an AA turret used to rid of enemy planes, Sabotage which is used to slow down foes, and Comms, a radar that increases the range and power of turrets that are close. 3 difficulties are present; Rookie, soldier, or veteran.

The setting varies from Europe (forest), Western Mediterranean (sea), and Africa (desert). The distinct environments deliver their own challenges in missions such as only being allowed to plant turrets on land when on a coast environment or only being allowed to place buildings on elevated areas in the desert. Enemies come in the form of soldiers (sometimes in pairs), metal cars, tanks, various boats and ships, and fighter planes. Only the AA turret can take down the planes, and while that comes in handy, it will not be helpful in your mission against any other enemies.

If you are familiar with the tower defense genre, you should know that all basically have a similar look. Well, iBomber Defense is no exception. There isn’t anything special that comes from iBomber defense that hasn’t already been seen before.The sound and music however, are an ounce away from perfect. Every “BOOM” and “POW” will send a shiver of enjoyment up your spine. The marching band lends a hand in the main menu screen, delivering some patriotic marching music that will hype you up for your battle.

Overall, iBomber Defense brings a warm and welcoming tower defense game to the Mac App Store. Though, unfortunately, its lack of originality holds it back from what may have been a prefect game. But for now, it gets a worthy 3 clicks. Hats off to you Chillingo, for giving gamers another great one.

Publisher: Chillingo

Price: $3.99 (£3.99)

Description: An Army Themed Tower Defense

App Store Link

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Different environments vary gameplay, sound effects and atmosphere.

Cons: Lacks originality.

Advised Control Method: All (mouse preferred)