Ichi for Mac Review

Ichi for mac

Ichi is a generic puzzle game. The art style and the gameplay mechanics aren’t anything to get overly excited about but that certainly didn’t restrict it from being an excellent little time waster with tons of replay ability.

Ichi Gameplay

In Ichi your objective is simple. Your job is to manipulate objects on each level to rebound a little yellow ball off walls and collect all of the yellow orbs. This would be as simple as it sounds if it weren’t for the obstacles and hazards placed in very obstructive ways, making this simple, small puzzle game quite a difficult one. New gameplay mechanics like the ability to draw new walls and hide/unhide objects keep the puzzle solving fresh and interesting.

Ichi at its core is nothing new gameplay wise. The doodle graphics aren’t particularly original, nor is its puzzle solving. So what makes this one so much better like I mentioned in the beginning? The simple addition of a level editor and an online community to upload and download other user-generated levels. This gives what would be just another puzzle game, limited in its level capacity, a massive spark of life.

So If the premise of this puzzle game intrigues you, or you have found yourself bored with other games in this genre. This is perfect for you.

Publisher: Stolen Couch Games

Price: $1.99/£1.49

Genre: Simple Puzzler

App Store Link

Rating: 4/5

Pros: The level editor an online community for level sharing is the most appealing part of Ichi by a country mile.

Cons: Unoriginal art-style, nothing particularly revolutionary on the genre.