Ironworm for Mac Reveiw


Ironworm is fantastically unique, everything from the art style to the progression of gameplay to the controls, Ironworm is a joy to play. In Ironworm, you play an unfortunately styled worm with even more unfortunate biology.

Ironworm Gameplay

You have a normal, vulnerable head on one end and an invulnerable spiky ball of death on the other. You swing both around, attaching them onto floating platforms, all the while fending off surrounding enemies. Letting an enemy object hit your mushy, white middle and the next thing you’ll know you’re being served up as worm soup (I hear it goes well with bat wings). This core mechanic was certainly a risk. Luckily however, the controls, whilst being more intuitive on a touchscreen, have good weight to them and smashing enemies with the spiky ball is definitely satisfying.

The art style was too a risk, the developers dove head first into the “gothic” art style. While it’s not exactly intrusive, or immersive, it does fit the game curiously well, which is certainly a good thing since you almost have a choice wether or not you pay attention to the style. However as you would expect the audio is a little more intrusive. It’s not exactly difficult to listen to, but unless you enjoy generic heavy metal that seems to have been thrown in without a second thought, you’ll probably turn the sound down like I did.

Now onto the enemies, since they are, for the most part, what makes Ironworm a challenge. Enemies act like you’d expect they would in a 2D platformer; they dive, shoot and explode. However, there’s one game mechanic when it comes to the enemies that seems to deviate from the all too well trodden path of 2D platformers. That’s the fact that you’ve got to swing your spiky end of your worm in time to blast them to oblivion. That makes way for a rather interesting strategic element, often not found in 2d platformers.

Ironworm has all the major components to make a successful game nicely secure. The controls are tight, the art style was a risk–but I think it payed off and the rate at which new gameplay components are added to the game is perfectly timed. The only clear downside is a minor one, the sound track is too generic, and it seems to have been thrown in when time was running short. Overall, recommended.

Publisher: 10tons Ltd

Price: $0.99 (£0.59)

Description: An Evolution to the 2D Platformer

App Store Link

Rating: 4/5

Pros: The gameplay is less a revolution in 2D platformers and more of a welcomed evolution, neat concept, satisfying.

Cons: The music is too generic.