iStunt 2 for Mac Review

iStunt review

With the bleak economic times causing everyone around the world to rethink their spending, suddenly that affordable ski-holiday to Canada isn’t looking so… ‘affordable’. Well, iStunt 2 provides a much more cost effective alternative to visiting Whistler; snowboarding your way through precarious jumps, deadly saws and using awesome power-ups right on your Mac. Think about it, you won’t get frostbite, no queues for ski lifts and you won’t get that idiot that races past you at 100mph and knocks you off course. Win, win.

iStunt 2 Gameplay

iStunt 2 is a fast paced 2D platformer where you’ll be flying over snow-covered hills on your sturdy snowboard. Boosts, gravity shifts, saws, rails and much more will keep levels crazy fun. Whereas the first few levels seem like you are just a by-stander watching a show with minimal interaction needed, thankfully the difficulty soon ramps up with the later levels requiring some insane skill and quick reactions, and this is where iStunt 2 performs best.

Other than keeping your board on the ground, you need to duck to avoid saws and small gaps and jump to make large chasms. The game’s level design doesn’t hold back, incorporating some awesome moves and twists that leaves your brain trying to catch up with what’s happening. iStunt 2 also makes full use of its power-ups. You will be riding on the ceiling, floating forever in no-gravity and boosting to blistering speeds.

iStunt 2 looks great as well. The game has certainly been upgraded to fit the Mac screen (aside from small bars on either side) and the levels look great.

Playing levels earns you coins. You can use these coins to buy new equipment and characters. Playing as a Grannie or Scarecrow is pretty funny, but you are going to have to work a lot to get those unlocks. If you’re more of the impatient type, then you are able to buy coins, skips (that skip a level you are stuck on) or even something that unlocks all of the levels in the game. But these In-App Purchases don’t prevent you from playing the whole game, so the Mac App Store price tag is all you need to pay.

iStunt 2 does suffer from a few issues upon startup. Most notably, when the window loads in the bottom left hand side of the screen and a few crashes, but a restart of the game normally resolves this.

iStunt 2 starts off a little slow, but speeds up from the second level pack. From there on it’s a rock-rolling time that will test your snowboard and balance skills to the max. Who needs a ski holiday?

Publisher: Miniclip

Price: $4.99 (£2.99)

Description: A Crazy Speed-Oriented Platformer

App Store Link

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Crazy level design that pushes you to the icy brink, great graphics, unlockables that incentivise you.

Cons: Some minor bugs, music gets repetitive quickly.