Jelly Defense for Mac Review

Jelly Defense review

Infinite Dreams have once again proved that they can apply their resources and skills to a wide range of genres. The Polish game developer already have a wide palette of games under their belt, ranging from sailing sims to pottery crafting with one common aim of creating a polished and harmonious experience. Nothing’s changed in iDreams’ new title, Jelly Defense. Even though tower defence is a much more action focussed challenge compared to their other more zen titles, Infinite Dreams have added their own layer of ‘that something special’ to make it unique and fresh. As a result, Jelly Defense is a cute and loveable tower defence that shows once again, this renowned indie-developer can turn its hand to anything and make it a success.

Jelly Defense is set in a fictional jelly world. Jelly Defense’s story isn’t anything original or interesting and mimics other games of the same genre; an army of [enter enemy name here] has invaded [enter home world here] and it’s your job to keep them at bay. In this case, you aid a host of friendly jellies and are against a bigger host of enemy jellies. But where the story falls below par, the game’s character replaces it. Those multicoloured, rotund jellies help keep the game’s mood light-hearted and fun, and the same goes for the sound design and graphics.

Jelly Defense Design and Graphics

Jelly Defense is beaming with brilliant colour and vibrancy. In the game itself, the backdrop is a soft monotone whereas the jellies and some environmental features are overflowing with zingy reds and blues. This contrast helps prevent the game from feeling overpowering and instead creates a stylishly simple atmosphere that doesn’t seem too try-hard. The same goes for the music. The vocals are performed by the jellies themselves with their slurring high-frequency tones with no meaning to them whatsoever. The music may seem a little too off-the-wall at first, but you soon learn to live with it.

Jelly Defens Gameplay

The gameplay itself is not too dissimilar from the other tower-defence games out there and involves placing jelly towers to defend the green crystals from the attacking jellies. You start off with only three jelly towers at your disposal; one red, one blue and one in between. The colours refer to the enemies they can attack, so for example, a blue tower can only attack blue enemies, whereas the blue and red tower can attack both. You gain more towers as you go along and they get more and more creative. However, making use of these new towers is harder than it should be as first you need to ‘research’ them to make a new structure available to you, and then buy it. Both of these steps cost coins and you begin to feel the pinch as the enemies start to become heavier and more numerous. Therefore, although new towers are powerful, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to use more than 2 on any map making them seem a little underused at times. Instead, you mainly stick with the three central turrets keeping the gameplay basically the same the whole way through. I’m not saying it gets repetitive, it just doesn’t break away from other tower-defences in the way that I might have hoped. However, you can also use power-ups in the game which are spawned by enemy units. Being able to instantly upgrade all of your planted towers or temporarily slow down all of the attacking jelly is invaluable when in conflict.

Despite being a light-hearted game, Jelly Defense is really challenging. The difficulty is nailed in Jelly Defense so that you’re never left feeling like you’re being patronised, or overwhelmed. Whereas you may lose frequently, you never really feel too disheartened and chances are, on your next go, you’ll get the combination of turrets right.

Whereas the gameplay isn’t terribly unique, it’s the game’s style that makes it what it is. Jelly Defense is a character-led and expressive tower-defence that will have you falling in its squishy love the moment you turn it on.

Publisher: Infinite Dreams

Price: $2.99 (£2.99)

Description: A Beautiful Indie Tower Defence

App Store Link

Rating: 5/5

Pros: Very clean and fresh visuals, good animations, great character, a feel-good game.

Cons: Nothing revolutionary gameplay wise.