Land-a Panda for Mac Review

land a panda review

Love. It’s a wonderful thing isn’t it? It seems we’d do anything just for a spark. But have we ever asked ourselves, “What do pandas do for love?” Apparently, a lot.

In Land-A-Panda, you take the roll of a love crazed panda bear named Yang Guang, who will seemingly go through it all to be re-connected with his true love, Tian Tian. She can be a hassle to reach though as she seems to like waiting at the most inconvenient places. Using a selection of cannons, you’ll blast through walls and over dangerous obstacles to reach your soul mate.

Land-A-Panda Gameplay

The gameplay is simple. You need to traverse each level through using a series of well-placed cannons to catapult you to around, with the end goal of reaching Tian. It will become tricky though as different varieties of cannon appear the farther you progress. Cannons that rotate, move back and forth, and even serve as a teleport are just a few obstacles that you will encounter. After completing a level, it will give your score based on how many coins you collected out of the 3 available. Procuring coins will be problematic as the they never follow the easiest route to win. The level designs will vary as you will meet time restraints for some while others make you think outside of the box.

Random increases in difficulty will appear in cases, making Land-A-Panda sometimes difficult to sit through. A frustration factor will kick in in the later worlds of the game, although it won’t get to the point where you will want to chuck your Mac out the window.

Land-A-Panda contains a cutesy art style that might give gamers another “Crap! Another cute game” moment. But if you can deal with art, then you might just notice how beautiful this game turns out to be on a Mac. Textures are smooth and I have yet to come across a part of the game that makes me doubt how good the graphics really are. Colorful worlds surround the beautifully crafted characters and objects.

This easy-to-learn physics puzzler is packed with fun. Although beating the game might not take long, getting 3 stars on each course will take some practice. With 100 levels and more to come, Land-A-Panda is a safe purchase for any physics based games fan out there.

Developer: Big Pixel Games

Price: $1.99 (£1.99)

Description: A Cute Little Panda Puzzler

App Store Link

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Beautiful graphics, simple but fun gameplay

Cons: Can become frustrating

Advised Control Method: All (keyboard control)