LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean for Mac Review

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

The LEGO franchise has been going from strength to strength, taking top film franchises including Star Wars, Harry Potter and Indiana Jones and remoulding them to incorporate the funny, light-hearted and humorous nature that LEGO is known for. And now the plastic building blocks take to the sea with LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. It may not be the best incarnation of LEGO about, but it does a good job at recreating the jolly and carefree style of the films.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Gameplay

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean follows Captain Jack and crew as they venture through the events of the four films. From breaking out of prison in the first, to searching for the Fountain of Youth in the fourth; it’s all covered. However, don’t go into LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean expecting to be lead through the story a second time. Lego may be good at building, but it is not good at story-telling. Instead, the cut-scenes serve as comic relief in between lengthy stages, and lightly brush over key events. As Pirates of the Caribbean has more of a complex and less memorable story than something like Harry Potter, some of the nods to the original films will be lost on those who haven’t seen them for a while. But this can only be blamed on the source material rather than the game itself.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean continues to be inconsistent in gameplay and graphics. Whereas some levels, like when you are imprisoned on the Flying Dutchman in a raging storm, are beautifully crafted, others lack that spark of creation. Same goes for gameplay. The game attempts at being ambitious in some levels with the aim of following the events of the film, but stages like when you’re rolling down the hill on a huge Watermill wheel seem more clumsy than exciting.

This LEGO game continues to be as kid friendly as possible. Puzzles and traps aren’t going to puzzle you for very long and the platforming aspects are basic and unchallenging. However, there can sometimes be a sudden loss in direction resulting in confusion as to where to go next. But if you have experienced any other LEGO game in the past, you should know what to expect by now.

Even though I have played many other LEGO games in the past, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean doesn’t seem like a repetition of what I’ve seen before. The basic model – you collect characters, complete story mode and then replay in free mode, many collectibles and an expansive home hub – is still there, but this game feels more like Pirates of the Caribbean with a coating of LEGO rather than the other way round.

As always you can expect a colossal amount of replayability with this LEGO game. I’m normally not one to replay games but the LEGO series always has me going back to collect minikits, gold bricks and characters. Gold bricks unlock new areas in your home hub, the Port, where you can buy more characters to play as in-game. The urge to collect them all is over-powering, and trust me, you will try.

It may be down to the fact that the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise never took off as much as something like Harry Potter did, but there is an evident lack of final polish added to this game. Glitches, bugs and inconsistencies crop up all too frequently, sometimes causing you to replay a whole level again. It’s not game breaking, but something to consider when comparing it to other LEGO offerings out there.

Overall, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean stays true to the series. It may not out-perform itself when compared to LEGO’s huge line-up of hugely successful titles, but it’s a wittingly fun ordeal with some memorable moments.

Publisher: TransGaming Inc.

Price: $14.99 (£14.99)

Description: Lego Has Set Sail for the Caribbean

App Store Link

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Captures the comic style of the films, great graphics in most levels, huge replayability.

Cons: Has some polishing issues, some clunky level designs, not as good as previous LEGO games.