Monster Truck Hero HD for Mac Review

monster truck hero

It’s games like Monster Truck Hero HD that regain my faith in what I am doing with OneClickMac. Monster Truck Hero has been rocketing up the charts (reaching number 6 on the UK and US App Store), it’s been featured by Apple on the front page and it’s got in the New and Noteworthy sections of many Mac App Stores around the world. The truth is, Monster Truck Hero doesn’t deserve that exposure. It’s an unenjoyable attempt at a car side-scrolling platformer. It really does make me wonder what Apple do when choosing what games to promote, because there’s darn lot better games out there than this. I’m just hoping I’ve published this review soon enough to save people from spending their $1.99 on Monster Truck Hero.

Monster Truck Hero HD  Gameplay

Monster Truck Hero is very very much like Redlynx’s Monster Trucks Nitro [Mac App Store link], but a lot worse. You drive a monster truck over various obstacles keeping the wheels on the road and using boost to give you extra speed.

Firstly, Monster Truck Hero’s controls are horrible and require as little interaction as possible. The tilt arrows (that enable you to spin your truck) are terribly unresponsive, meaning that landing your vehicle perfectly is more luck than skill. As you may know, giants of the genre like Trials HD are renowned for their precise controls and pinpoint precision to create a fun and exciting experience where you are in control. Monster Truck Hero on the other hand requires you to hold down the gas button and watch the ‘excitement’ unfold. It’s totally mind-numbing.

The graphics don’t impress either. They are 3D granted, but very dated. They may have been acceptable if it were’t for the countless graphical glitches. But that’s not the game’s biggest gripe in terms of presentation. The camera is totally broken. Just riding down a hill results in jumps and jerks that make you feel queazy. Plus, it switches orientation constantly, so that one time you’re looking from a side-on perspective, the next you are right behind the exhaust looking forward. Thankfully you have the option to turn this off in the option.

Monster Truck’s only redeeming feature is its car customisation. You can decorate your car in different styles and colours, which is neat. But this becomes less appreciated when actually driving your personalised car is a chore.

I don’t think there is any reason for me to continue writing about Monster Truck Hero. It’s a perfect embodiment of what OneClickMac is all about. Saving you from unacceptable games like this. Despite its exposure, I wouldn’t touch Monster Truck Hero with a barge pole. Take a look at Monster Trucks Nitro instead.

Developer: Potato Cows

Price: $1.99 (£1.49)

Description: A Pretty Horrible Driving Platformer

App Store Link

Rating: 2/3

Pros: Car customisation, music.

Cons: Many glitches, jumpy camera, dated graphics, unresponsive controls, mindless etc.