Muffin Knight for Mac Review

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Muffin Knight is a very simple and colourful platformer that will easily appeal to younger audiences. You unlock new fairytale characters, upgrade existing ones and have a whole lot of fun, while grooving to some chirpy music.

In Muffin Knight, you accidentally cause a basket of magical muffins to explode, spreading them all over the world. The fairy who owns the muffins requests you retrieve them, and in return, she will give you the ability to change into different fantasy characters. So, feeling a little responsible, you do so, travelling to each corner of the land, from the spooky graveyard to the towering forest. Watch out though, as monsters lurk around every corner.

Muffin Knight Gameplay

It’s clear that Muffin Knight is aimed at a younger audience than most. From the childish story to the forgiving gameplay, this is perfect for the junior gamer. Maybe not so for one that’s used to Super Meat Boy or Braid which are more hardcore experiences.

In Muffin Knight you are put on a pre-set level with platforms, an enemy spawn at the top and pit at the bottom. Whilst collecting randomly generated muffins around the level, you must also prevent monsters from getting to the pit at the bottom. If they do, then they get all angry and respawn at the top as evil, faster versions of themselves. You die instantly if you touch an enemy.

But the twist is that every time to collect a muffin, you change into a different character. Characters don’t just look different aesthetically, they have different attacks. The Unicorn plops out exploding poop, the grizzly bear swipes with his huge paws and the dragon breaths fire. There are 17 characters in all which you unlock by obtaining muffins. Some can be overpowered whereas others are pretty unhelpful, but as you are changing people at an alarming rate, it doesn’t really matter. In fact, the breadth of choice and variety, as well as the characteristic models, are great.

This fits in well with Muffin Knight’s 2.5D graphics. They look stunning. From the well-produced introductory cutscene to the cartoony environments, this care-free atmosphere transports you to another world where global warming and the economic crisis aren’t top of your list of worries. Collecting muffins are.

Muffin Knight is over quickly. You level up which enables you to spend upgrade points on your characters, but even then the experience is long gone before the difficulty has a chance to ramp up. The last boss level is rather challenging, but getting there requires just a bit of persistence and a little of your time. It’s not that you don’t die at all in Muffin Knight, it’s just that when you do, there’s no real consequence. Unlocking new characters is the main draw in Muffin Knight, but when all of your muffins are collected and held to reach a total goal which will unlock the next creature, there’s no penalty to dying.

More levels are promised but I doubt how they can really add more difficulty without causing frustration. There are already a few cheap deaths which can get a little annoying. Instead Muffin Knight is recommended for the younger generation, who care less about repetition and more about fancy colours and a catchy tune. For the right audience, Muffin Knight is a fun parody of a fantasy tale in the shape of an addicting, yet simple, platformer.

Publisher: Angry Mob Games

Price: $4.99 (£4.99)

Description: A Very Casual and Simple Platformer with Style

App Store Link

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Brilliant graphics, great style, good character animations with personality, good for kids.

Cons: Very casual; not good for more adult gamers.