Mumble Jumble for Mac Review

mumble jumble

How much you enjoy Mumble Jumble is going to be directly dependent on how much you enjoy word games, because that is exactly what this game is. The point of the game is simple: 5 letters are displayed in random order in a row on the screen and you have to guess what the word is in 20 seconds or less. The faster you solve the puzzle, the more points you get. If you cannot solve a puzzle you can use one of 3 skips. Skipping gives you zero points for that word, but allow you move on to the next word.  If you let the 20 second timer run down it means game over regardless of how many skips you have left.  You can choose to play as long as you can last, or try the “blitz mode” which challenges you to unscramble as many words as possible within 3 minutes. There are around 2000 5 words, which allows for you to play through quite a few rounds before running into a repeat.

Mumble Jumble Gameplay

I found most of the words were common use: there were no unusual terms snuck in the selection in there to make the game unfairly hard. I did find that many of the words were just four letter nouns with an “s” tacked on the end though.

Even though Mumble Jumble is single player it plays well in groups: my friends and family members would constantly shoulder surf the game and yell out their own ideas as to what word may be, hidden in the line of letters on screen. Eventually we ended up swapping places at the keyboard every couple games and took turns either entering possible solutions or yelling out guesses. With all the group appeal of this game it is too bad that there is no multiplayer built in, because it would have been great to play head to head against competitors online, or at least have a leaderboard like the iPad version.

Mumble Jumble’s interface works well with no weird menu selections or gestures required to navigate or play the game, and the bright bold orange on white graphics look professional, if not very exciting. There is not very much sound, but what is there is nice and clear. The letters clack as you place them to solve a word, a nice bling noise signifies a correct answer, and a “yoohoo” sound alerts you when you have nearly exhausted your time. It would have been nice to have some background music, but I guess that’s what iTunes is for.

Mumble Jumble really is a fun way to spend a little downtime between meatier games, and it’s a great excuse to exercise the gray matter, even if it does feel a little empty. The addition of local or online multiplayer would have greatly enhanced the playability and would really have made this good game into a great one.

Publisher: Big Bananapps

Price: $0.99 (£0.99)

Description: A 5-Letter Word Game

App Store Link

Rating: 3.5/5

Pros: Easy to pick up and play, ‘just one more go’ addiction.

Cons: Limited options, no competitive play or leaderboards.