Order & Chaos Online for Mac Review

order chaos online

Gameloft have been at the forefront of mobile game development. They are known for creating titles with outstanding graphical quality and innovative touch controls. For the mobile platform the MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game Order & Chaos Online is incredible, on the other hand, for computers, it’s unfortunately not up with the big boys and is struggling to hold it’s own. But that doesn’t mean this economical MMO is not worth your time.

Order & Chaos Online Gameplay

In Order & Chaos Online you have the choice of 4 races (both with female and male options); Human, Elf, Orc and Undead. Within that choice you have 1 of 4 classes to choose out of, Warrior, Mage, Monk and Ranger. I’m happy to report that beyond my preconceived assumptions, you get to explore 2 extensively detailed and relatively large maps, depending on your race. The UI (user interface) is clean and tidy, which makes monitoring the buttons, menu’s and morale, Hp and Exp bars a breeze.

The gameplay is usually the deciding factor when it comes to MMO’s. Whilst Order & Chaos Online falls at no hurdle, it doesn’t do anything especially original either. The fighting is at the standard every large MMO is at. Lacks a real punch, or any sort of impact, but it gets the job done, quickly and efficiently. The huge number of items and equipment means you’re always looking ahead at more advanced armour, or more powerful weaponry that are tantalisingly out of reach, a great tool to keep you playing.

Once you have bought the game, you can play Order & Chaos for free for 3 months. After which, a monthly subscription will run you $0.99/month, $1.99 for 3 months or $2.99 for 6 months.

Any online gamer will be fully aware that the community that inhabits your game has incredible influence over your enjoyment. No one wants to jump into a game and be insulted, stripped of all your goods and literally laughed out of the village and not welcomed back. Luckily the community that inhabits Order & Chaos Online is generally helpful, supportive and most importantly, kind. So it’s sad when you see that the community, in most cases, is either quiet or minimal.

But standing among the MMO juggernauts that have been around for a while, every attempt it makes to reach their level is understandably unimpressive in comparison. Put aside MMO’s like World of Warcraft, the map size, graphical quality and the less extensive nature of the quests makes for much less of an engrossing experience compared to that on mobile platforms. Order & Chaos Online is the best budget MMO you’re going to get under $10. If you can’t afford the extra dough and want a bit of online action, then Order & Chaos Online is a must buy.

Publisher: Gameloft

Price: $6.99 (£6.99)

Description: MMO from Gameloft

App Store Link

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Cheap game for its scale, progression of your character is nicely paced.

Cons: Quite generic and simple, more impressive on a mobile device, outdated graphics, over-shadowed by competition.