Paranormal Agency for Mac Review

paranormal agency

To all you Ghostbuster fans out there, we have another spirit buster in town, Paranormal Agency. Paranormal Agency is basically a hidden object game where you go from one haunted venue to the next seeking out the ghosts and finding various objects amongst the cluttered mess. Even though the gameplay can get a bit repetitive, if you are looking for a hidden object game then Paranormal Activity is the game for you but with a paranormal twist.

Paranormal Agency Gameplay

You play as Detective Heather Mills, a paranormal agent with the sole aim of moving on dead relatives and pesky poltergeists. But as paranormal activity increases in the area you are left to find the source and try and stop the demons entering our world in their hundreds.

But no, you are not armed with Dematerializers or Ghost Gummers (Ghostbuster reference). Instead you need a sharp eye and patience. This is where the game falls down. The story becomes a bit irrelevant and only serves as a backstory to the basic gameplay element, which is hidden objects. You are given scene after scene of cluttered rooms or apartments, owned by people with absolutely no organisational skills, and then you need to find certain objects. These can either be names, such as ‘binoculars’, or silhouettes of the object which spices up the gameplay.

But when it comes to object finding the game plays very well. The graphics are good enough, if not a bit unrealistic with objects hovering in mid air most the time. The number of objects in the game is impressive and the variety keeps the game interesting. The various locations also help to make the game more engaging. But whatever way you look at it, once you have played one level, you have played them all. There are some bonus levels which stray away from the formula, but even then, most of the game is just finding objects.

The game is polished, no doubt about that, but its gameplay may leave a lot to be desired for gamers looking for a more Ghostbustery/exciting experience.

Developer: G5 Entertainment

Price: $4.99/£4.99

Description: A Basic Hidden Object Game

App Store Link

Rating: 2/5

Pros: A good hidden object game, good graphics.

Cons: Repetitive, contrived story.

Advised Control Method: All (Trackpad usable)