Predators for Mac Review

predators review

Predators puts you in the claws of one member of the merciless alien race known as the Predators. Rather than a fight for survival, Predators focusses on you, a novice predator, climbing the ranks of the alien hierarchy until you become a renowned and skilled hunter amongst your clan. You do this by killing, and killing well.

Predators is an arena hack-and-slash where it’s not you that’s the hunted, but the hunter. You are given level after level of enemy humans to slaughter and the more extravagantly you do so, the more respected you will become amongst your allies.

Predators Gameplay

Whereas you will be armed with some pretty neat weapons, the Wolverine-esque knuckle knives, the combi stick and the net gun, the humans still present a significant challenge. The more you progress in the game, the more enemies you will have running at you from all angles armed with blades, guns and snipers and in fact, the predator’s skills aren’t as effective in swatting them away as you might think.

A lot of emphasis is placed on combos. Executing deadly combos on helpless humans gains you trophy points which you can use to upgrade your weapons. Unfortunately, most of the time it’s unviable to use them. Ripping someones head off with your massive knives and lifting it up for everyone to see is cool, don’t get me wrong, but the whole thing takes about 5 seconds giving other enemies a chance to riddle you with bullet holes and sniper shots. Your predator doesn’t have unlimited health so you’ll be dead pretty soon if you just use the time-consuming combos in the game.

Despite being an animal dependant on instinct and gut reactions, its movements in game aren’t smooth and predator-like at all. It’s not easy to transition from one human to the other and that sense of unstoppable-ness slowly fades away in Predators. Most of the time you’ll be swinging wilding at thin air as you try to nick a fleeing sniper, or while you’re finishing off one human, another will be stabbing you in the back. There is an overall lack of flow in the game due to the clunky controls. The great feeling you get when you first step into the predator’s talons, as if you’re the most powerful animal in the kingdom, quickly wears off once you realise how ineffective you actually are.

In saying that, the abilities you gain whilst clawing your way through the game really help in trying to restore that feeling. I mean, being able to turn yourself invisible and watching as all the humans blind-fire in fear not knowing where you are is very enjoyable. On the other hand Thermal Vision seems pretty worthless and ranged weapons are very clumsy to use. You have to wait for the ranged gun to lock on before you can use it which wastes time. Time in which the humans can take damage off your predator.

Being a predator should be fun, exhilarating and insanely cool. You would have thought that being a ruthless alien race would entitle you to being the most dominant species on the planet but instead, Predators places you in a vulnerable and very ineffective position. This is down to a mash-up of clunky character movement and the amount of armed-to-the-teeth enemies you will have running at you at one time. Of course there has to be some challenge in there but Predators turns what could have been an over-the-top insane hack-and-slash to something very underwhelming and painful to play.

Price: $0.99/£0.99

Description: A Gory Hank-n-Slash Where You’re the Hunter

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Rating: 3/5

Pros: Has some fun times, suitably gory, cheap.

Cons: Clunky implementation of controls, being a predator isn’t as fun as I’d hoped.

Advised Control Method: All (keyboard control)