Real Golf 2011 for Mac Review

real golf 2011

Real Golf 2011 takes a more serious approach to golfing when compared to Let’s Golf 2, Gameloft’s other golf game on the Mac App Store. But in doing so, it rips out most of its character and style resulting in a bland and repetitive game that doesn’t capture the essence as to why golf is such a popular sport.

Real Golf allows you to play as a number of famous golfing aficionados and challenges you to a game of golf, either on your own or in a competition. The fairways range in design, with sand bunkers and lakes to catch you out, but don’t vary much from the apple-green grass and rolling hills.

Real Golf Gameplay

Taking a shot is relatively simple and involves projecting where you want the ball to land – taking into account the wind direction – and then hitting a slider at the right time to determine power and accuracy. But this method of hitting a golf ball feels very contrived and requires no skill or challenge other than hitting the space bar at the right time. The margin for error is huge, so even if you are a little off you’re not going to go far wrong.

Career mode pits you against other AI opponents but the game’s ‘one button’ control scheme is so effortless that you can pretty much blow any other opponent out of the water. The challenge mode (the game’s third mode) feels more like a fancy repackaging of the same old mechanic with a basic goal that doesn’t do much to challenge and finally, free mode… well that’s self explanatory.

I think you’ve got the picture by now. Even though the game’s graphics and sound aren’t terrible (but not great either) Real Golf 2011 is like watching someone play golf with basically the same starting, middle and ending shot in every single hole. There’s no variation, character or skill involved. If you’re looking for an enjoyable game of golf, get out on the real fairway, not on this virtual snore-fest.

Publisher: Gameloft

Price: $4.99 – £4.99

Description: A Golf Game Focussed on Realism

App Store Link

Rating: 2/5

Pros: Reasonable graphics and sound for the price.

Cons: Effortless control scheme that provides no challenge, repetitive and bland.

Advised Control Method: All (keyboard control)