Scoregasm for Mac Review

Scoregasm review

Scoregasm is a great shoot-em up at its heart with some solid gameplay and design choices as well as challenging yet not infuriating difficulty. But the game has this unnecessary sleaziness that makes you feel almost ashamed to play it. From the name (you probably gathered that already) to the game’s sound effects, it’s really off-putting and rather distasteful the way it injects just that little bit of sexual undertone.

Scoregasm is a game that you can’t really talk about without making everyone think what you’re saying is an elaborate innuendo. But if you do look past the game’s unfortunate name, Scoregasm is actually a good shoot-em-up where you play through a grid of challenging levels with a few boss battles here and there. As always, you play as some sort of space ship that fires lasers. Stuck in an arena, you must destroy the spawning enemies as quickly as you can. Scoregasm does what most other SMUPS achieve in that it throws as many enemies at you at once with the aim of putting your reactions to the test.


There are quite a few levels split into three difficulties. But you don’t just get to choose your difficulty from the off. Instead, the points you gain in each level decides whether you can access portals to take you to the next insane map, or hard or just the normal. I like the concept but it leaves moderate gaps in your grip of levels and you have to play previous stages to unlock the next. If you aim to play all of the levels, it can get a bit messy.

The levels themselves are very well designed. Scoregasm mixes it up with moving lasers and arenas, plentiful bosses and unique enemies. Each level as its own unique foes to battle against meaning that you’ll never know what you will be up against next.

If you are used to ruthless hardcore SMUPS, then Scoregasm won’t please with its forgiving nature. Even though I’m happy not being annihilated every other second, others won’t appreciate the numerous power-ups that wipe out the opposition and the unlimited blast wave that destroys everything in a nearby radius. Scoregasm is definitely a game for the casual audience. The ‘insane’ levels aren’t that difficult. The fact that I can beat most of them is saying something.

Yet despite all this good stuff, I still take a look over my shoulder before pressing play. The game’s sleazy tone doesn’t do it any favours and almost ruins the experience. It’s a fun game, but ultimately, not one I would recommend to a stranger on the street.

Lots of levels with good level design, challenges but does not infuriate, good variety of enemies.

Cons: Unwarranted sexual undertone, messy level progression system, not for hardcore fans.

Rating: 3/5

Price: $4.99 in the Steam Store