Spooky Hoofs for Mac Review

spooky hoofs review

Spooky Hoofs is a 2D endless runner where you have the task of escorting a Victorian woman to her destination in a stagecoach. However, the terrain you will be travelling on is fragmented and dangerous, not to mention the ‘wildlife‘ you will encounter on the way. Whereas Spooky Hoofs aims to appeal to non-formulaic off-the-wall gamers, there’s a line between a game that feels inventive and wacky, and one that feels unfocussed and without direction. It’s very hard to tell what side of this line Spooky Hoofs is on and in the end, it’s all about you, the individual gamer’s, perception and tolerance for the outright bizarre.

Spooky Hoofs Gameplay

Situated in a dark and mysterious setting, Spooky Hoofs has you dodging spooky creeps, critters and birds as well as jumping over deep chasms. You start your journey from an old fashioned inn, with each inn you pass denouncing an increase in level. During each level you will have to survive a certain amount of time endlessly running sideways before battling against the level’s boss. This boss takes many forms, including a detached wind mill sail, a rabble of headless, floating spirits that group together to form a bigger monster, a flying piranha and much more. However, they all do basically the same thing; fly in front of you firing deadly bolts which you must avoid.

But you yourself aren’t defenceless as you can use the power of your dark horses to aid you via collecting coloured orbs as you ride along. These can give you invincibility, wings so you can execute a double jump and enable you to unleash a destructive fire wave killing all who get in its path. However, each power is limited and you must collect three of the same coloured orb to regain that power.

Spooky Hoofs tries to please by attempting a very ambient and moody, monochromatic visual style reminiscent of similar abstract games like Limbo (PC) or Contre Jour (iPhone). However, the visuals don’t seem to complement each other like they should. Some of the enemies look out of place and the background contrasts horribly at times between the purple sky and forest environment. The sound partly makes up for the wonky visual design with a quirky tune that fits well with the concept.

But boiled down to its essence, Spooky Hoofs is a very simple endless runner that tries to do something different, but just misses the mark. After you’ve taken in the crazy style and design, Spooky Hoofs does’t have much lasting appeal at all and instead it feels like you’re just doing the same old thing over and over again. In the end, Spooky Hoofs makes a good effort but lacks successful execution

Publisher: Gamesmold

Price: $0.99/£0.99

Description: An Endless Runner that Misses the Mark

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Rating: 3/5

Pros: A good concept, a functioning endless runner.

Cons: Feels a bit uncoordinated, lack of replay value, gets repetitive quickly.