The Journey Down: Chapter One Review for Mac

the journey reviw

When he is visited by a woman who informs him that he unknowingly has a book which apparently reveals secrets involving “the Underland,” a forbidden and mysterious place, he is persuaded to help her find it. The book must be precious because there’s a group of thugs after them to get it back.

The Journey Down Gameplay

The Journey Down combines the point and click style of Myst and Machinarium with humor, clever puzzles and a strong story. Through a series of ingenious puzzles (and frequent humor) you must help Bwana and his odd friends get the book, and themselves, to safety. Some puzzles are easily solved by exploring different areas for useful objects and then simply using them. Some of the objects can be combined later on to solve more advanced puzzles. Thankfully, none of the puzzles are boring and likewise none are hopelessly frustrating. The Journey Down requires a good dose of creative thinking and trial and error as in any quality puzzler.

There are lots of different and interesting characters to interact with along Bwana’s journey. Sometimes they tell him important information and sometimes they seem almost rude but they’re invariably entertaining and often humorous.

Just like the good quality voice acting, The Journey Down sports fantastic visuals and lighting techniques. Water looks especially “realistic” for a 3D animated game. It’s obvious that every care was taken to make a really great looking game.

In short, The Journey Down: Chapter One is a great addition to the game box. Puzzle fans and retro gamers alike will be delighted by the challenge.

Publisher: SkyGoblin

Price: $4.99 (£4.99)

Genre: Point-and-Click Adventure

App Store Link

Rating: 4.5/5

Pros: Presents a challenge, great graphics and well done dialogue.

Cons: Slow-going story.