The Marbians for Mac Review

the marbians review

The Marbians is a fun little physics puzzler that has a whole lot of potential, but only teases us with just three level packs that won’t last any gamer long. Even though you can try to 100% the game by collecting all of the Blue Moon Rocks in each level, there isn’t much incentive to do so. With its unusually high price point for a casual puzzle game, it may not be the best investment in terms of time/dollar spent.

The Marbians features a host of aliens trapped inside glass spheres and it’s up to you to return them home. You do this by projecting the helpless critters into their mothership to be transported onwards. However, the trick is that no marble can be rolled more than once. This means you’ve got to rebound alien sphere after alien sphere to get to the objective. Even then, it’s never that simple. Buttons trigger moving walls, oil slicks speed up your marble whereas some green goo slows it down and some aliens have taken it upon themselves to have a nap (nothing a collision with another ball can’t fix).

The Marbians Gameplay

The Marbians is sleek, polished and vibrant. It’s a well made casual puzzle game with some upbeat visuals and sounds that’s sure to put you in a positive mood.

But The Marbains is short. With 72 levels in the entire game, it’s easy to whizz through the whole lot in an afternoon. New game mechanics are slowly introduced as you play meaning that repetitiveness isn’t an issue. Instead it’s the difficulty that poses the biggest problem. It does ramp up slightly, but not enough to make you really think about each solution. This results in an enjoyable but speedy play-through that will have you wanting more when it ends.

Whereas The Marbians is easily recommendable as a fun puzzler, it’s not going to leave a lasting impression purely because it doesn’t stick around long enough. As a result, the current $4.99/£2.99 price tag makes me hesitant to suggest a purchase especially because of the steep competition out there. Thankfully the Mac App Store allows developers to update their games seamlessly with new content which means that more levels from Nordisk Film may come along. Right now though, if you want to make the most out of your £5, The Marbians isn’t the way to go.

Publisher: Nordisk Film Distribution

Price: $4.99/£4.99

Description: A Polished but Short Puzzle Platformer a Little on the Expensive Side

App Store Link

Rating: 3/5

Pros: An above-average puzzle platformer, good graphics and sound.

Cons: Very short, won’t do much to challenge, not quite worth the price.