Trine Review for Mac

trine review

The whole fantasy storyline gets boring after a while to the point that you start to wonder, can there be anymore damsels in distress to save, mythological beings to slay and kingdoms to rid of evil? Apparently, there is in Trine. However, if you look past Trine’s lack in imagination when it comes to basic plot, you actually discover quite the opposite.

Trine Gameplay

Trine is all about three characters; a Knight, a Thief and a Wizard. When their paths collide  (quite literally) at an ancient artefact, all of their soles are magically combined into one person. This means you can switch between all three protagonists at any time and this is the foundation of Trine.

And it works well, each hero has their own unique abilities which will enable them to traverse the tricky landscape. The Thief is armed with a bow and arrow to fend off foes and can also grapple onto any wooden surface. The Wizard has the power of magic which enables him to move and conjure objects. The Knight is the lesser skilled of the three and is the guy who sorts out the bad guys with is trusty sword and hammer. You can upgrade each character by collecting potions found around the levels. These give extra abilities (such as the Thief being able to fire two arrows at once). You need to use each characters abilities effectively to get through the levels alive.

Trine is well balanced between combat and puzzle and the oscillating between the two keeps the gameplay varied and well paced. The puzzles themselves aren’t going to get you stuck for hours on end, but they are good enough to make you stop and think.

Even though Trines fantasy story isn’t that great, its representation of the fantasy world is phenomenal. Exploring deep underground caves, the game’s incredibly detailed backdrops depicts the wonderful environment that you wish you lived in. Even though your character  is stuck in 2D, the game world feels all too real. The physics in the game are very realistic as well. On the other hand, there are a few graphical glitches which do let Trine down at times. Also, because of the graphical hogger that Trine is, you may experience some lag.

On the subject of negatives, Trine’s save system is also flawed. There are many checkpoints dotted around the very expansive levels, but these only serve as health regeneration and spawn points if you die later on in the game. But, if you quit the game and rejoin you start way back at the beginning of the whole chapter. The levels don’t seem short enough to make it viable enough to save per stage. As a result you may repeat certain levels over and over because you don’t have enough time to complete the whole thing in one go.

In conclusion, Trine houses one of the best looking fantasy worlds I have ever seen in a game. Its imaginative concept and brilliant execution makes Trine a must purchase if you are looking for a creative puzzle-platformer for your Mac.

Developer: Frozenbyte

Price: $9.99 (£9.99)

Description: A graphically intensive puzzle-platformer

App Store Link

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Stunning visuals and sound, unique twist, long.

Cons: Spaced saving and loading.

Advised Control Method: Needs mouse with right click.