Review: Unstoppable Gorg for Mac

Untoppable Gorg for mac

If I was in a developer meeting, brainstorming a new game idea and someone stood up and said ‘Hey, why don’t we make a tower-defence game about aliens invading earth’ I would have laughed in his face and then promptly fired him. Not only is the tower-defence concept one of the most over-saturated genres in gaming, but combining that with an equally conventional plot would be ludicrous. Right?

Contrary to my initial thoughts, Unstoppable Gorg has turned out surprisingly well. Going for a 1950’s British sci-fi theme, it involves you setting up defensive satellites that orbit round a planet to defend against oncoming attackers. These orbits act as rings around the planet which you can spin in real time at your leisure. Each orbit only has a certain number of satellite placements, so it’s your job to choose which satellites you want to go where.

Unstoppable Gorg Gameplay

There are three types of enemies; the Gorg, the Sunbots and the Brain Raiders. Each race has their own weaknesses and include different ship types. The Sunbots are susceptible to energy-based weapons whereas the the Brain Raiders’ mushy outer-layer means that physical weapons are their weak spot.

Unstoppable Gorg doesn’t do anything different with its satellite types. There’s one that slows down enemies, one that strengthens other stations and of course, just plain old rocket launchers and machine gunners. The support stations don’t get used that often as there really isn’t enough space for them to be very effective. You are restricted to just a few placements in orbit, and most levels don’t reach the satisfying stage of having an army upgrade turrets and a swarm of attackers. Having opposing turrets on the same orbit means you can’t use both against one line of attack. This leads to a frenzy of finding the best way to layout your turrets to best use. Not having one path that enemies follow also makes strategising harder as you cannot plan ahead and line up your turrets along one set trail.

Whilst these minor errors prevent the game from reaching the heights it is capable of, its creative concept is still worth some merit. The game’s graphics, or more notably, its theme is very well executed. Before each mission in the campaign, you are greeted with a black and white cutscene shown on an aged TV monitor demonstrating the latest war efforts and technological advancements. The tongue in cheek broadcasts from the alien motherships also gain a few laughs with the Sunbots’ leader looking like a 1970’s cyberman, and seductive Sereia ruler of the Brain Raiders who turns out to be an evil brain alien herself.

Whilst Ustoppable Gorg manages to achieve the unachievable (create yet another fresh concept for a tower defence), the gameplay doesn’t quite reach the feverish pitch that leaders in the genre do, making it feel a little dumbed-down as a result. Unstoppable Gorg’s humour and atmosphere makes it a memorable title, but not a revolutionary one.

Publisher: Futuremark Corporation

Price: Free

Description: Another Tower Defence with a new Concept?!

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Rating: 4/5

Pros: Somehow a new idea has sprung from an old genre, great presentation and sound.

Cons: Pretty basic gameplay, doesn’t revolutionise the genre.